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Welcome to Region Agency

Region Agency is committed to providing superior quality and reliable equipment that earns confidence from customers and end users alike. We have a proud heritage and long standing reputation for quality manufacturing and service, by consistently exceeding the expectations of clients/customers and by providing safe, reliable performance time and time again.

Superior Quality

We provide products that are superior, durable and reliable. Our products are manufactured to stand the test of time.

Service Excellence

We work consistently to serve all our clients/customers excellently and also immensely ensure that their expectations are met.


Our Products

Region Agency provides Gas Welding and Lifting Equipment that are reliable, dependable, and one that everyone from the Do-It-Yourselfer to the Expert or Professional can truly trust. We strive to achieve our mission of providing customers with quality, safe and reliable products.

victor contender outfit

Contender Outfit

Welding Outfits - Victor Contender Outfit

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victor journeyman outfit

Journeyman Outfit

Welding Outfits - Victor Journeyman Outfit

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victor medalist 350 outfit

Medalist 350 Outfit

Welding Outfits - Victor Medalist 350 Outfit

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victor ess3 regulator

Edge Series Cylinder Regulator

Regulators & Flowmeters - Victor ESS3 - Edge Series Cylinder Regulator

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wescol nitrogen regulator

Single Stage Nitrogen Regulator

Regulators & Flowmeters - Wescol Single Stage Nitrogen Regulator

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victor hrf 1400 flow meter

HRF 1400 Series Flow Meter

Regulators & Flowmeters - Victor HRF 1400 Series Flow Meter

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toyo beam trolley

Beam Trolley

Lifting Equipment - Toyo Beam Trolley

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toyo plain trolley

Plain Trolley

Lifting Equipment - Toyo Plain Trolley

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toyo chain hoist

Chain Hoist

Lifting Equipment - Toyo Chain Hoist

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victor 2460 cutting attachment

2460 Cutting Attachment

Straight Torches - Victor 2460 Cutting Attachment

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victor front valve welding handle

Front Valve Welding Handle

Straight Torches - Victor Front Valve Welding Handle

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victor mt310 machine torch

MT310 Machine Torch

Straight Torches - Victor MT310 Machine Torch

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victor check valve

CRO & CRF Regulator Check Valves Pair Pack

Welding Accessories - Victor CRO & CRF Regulator Check Valves Pair Pack

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victor oxy acetylene welding hose

Twin Dual 5/16 Inches Oxy Acetylene Welding Hose

Welding Accessories - Victor Twin Dual 5/16 Inches Oxy Acetylene Welding Hose

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victor cutskill fbr-2 flashback arrestor

Cutskill FBR-2 Flashback Arrestor

Welding Accessories - Victor Cutskill FBR-2 Flashback Arrestor

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Region Agency

We are manufacturers and marketers of some of the most respected brands in the Gas Welding and Lifting Industry. Through our network of distributors, we are proud to serve a diverse group of individuals and organizations.

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Region Agency offers a wide range of reliable products for the delivery of shielding gas in the arc welding, gas flow, and delivery pressure processes. And also offers products for industrial lifting purposes.
  • Automotive and Heavy Equipment Industries
  • Manufacturing and Construction Industries
  • Oil and Gas Mining Industries
  • Pipe and Pipeline Fabrication Industries
Region Agency strives to deliver the highest level of customer support. Our field sales representatives and technical support personnel are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.

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